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LUMINESCE - Cellular rejuvenation serum
This silky serum has the highest percentage of growth factor complex possible to encourage cell rene..
14.950 ISK
LUMINESCE - Flawless skin brightener
Attain flawless skin with this unique brightening gel. Featuring our exclusive APT-200, this hydrati..
16.490 ISK
LUMINESCE - Advanced night repair
A rich cream that corrects environmental damage while you sleep, advanced night repair propels your ..
15.450 ISK
LUMINESCE - Youth restoring cleanser
Restore your skin’s natural brilliance by detoxifying deep within the cells. As the first step in th..
6.620 ISK
LUMINESCE - Daily moisturizing complex
A brilliant, all-day facial cream with serious skin-defending properties. The daily moisturizing com..
11.040 ISK