Cabana Tan FACE 118 ml. LOTION

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Vörumerki: Million Dollar Tan
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Cabana Tan Face is your newest essential beauty product. It's Million Dollar Tan's famous bronzed tan color, in a lotion that's made just for the face. It provides a natural glow that evens out skin tone and makes your skin radiate. This incredibly versatile lotion works on all skin types and colors.


For a gradual tan, apply a light layer of Cabana Tan Face. For a darker (but still natural) color, apply a generous amount. Cabana Tan Face can be applied daily or weekly, simply adjust how much you apply based on how tan you would like to be.

Because the face exfoliates faster than the rest of the body, you may need to apply Cabana Tan Face more often than your body sunless tanner, Cabana Tan. Your color will develop over the next few hours and will last at least a week. Make sure you wait 6-8 hours