Cabana Tan 236 ml. LOTION

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Vörumerki: Million Dollar Tan
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Cabana Tan is the rub-on sunless tanner that for years we have dreamt that drug store tanners were! It's Million Dollar Tan's famous bronzed tan color, in lotion form. Similar to a gradual sunless tanning lotion, but with much more color. You can apply the lotion lightly for a light, natural glow or apply a more generous coat for a more tanned look. It rubs on smoothly and lasts at least a week. This product is very versatile. Apply a light coat 2-3 times per week or apply a heavier coat once per week.


We use only the highest-end ingredients so this stuff stays on as long as your outer layer of skin stays on. When your skin exfoliates, sadly, your Million Dollar Tan goes with it. Unlike low-end spray booth tanners, MDT tans do not rub off.  Your tan gradually fades as your skin naturally exfoliates.


Your color will develop over the next few hours and will last at least a week. Make sure you wait 6-8 hours before you shower and keep your skin well moisturized.